In-Person Classes Expand to INDOORS At West Coast World Martial Arts Santa Clara!

In-Person Classes Expand to INDOORS At West Coast World Martial Arts Santa Clara!

A few months ago, we announced the start of outdoor in-person classes at West Coast World Martial Arts. Our outdoor classes, held in front of our school at the corner of San Tomas Expressway and El Camino Real in Santa Clara, proved an extremely popular class option for West Coast students.

And then things began moving even faster. Shortly after our outdoor classes began, the Santa Clara County Health Department gave the go-ahead to expand our in-person classes. First, the age restrictions were lifted and class size limitations were expanded. This means that West Coast World Martial Arts in-person classes are now open to all ages, and outdoor class sizes have now expanded from 12 students maximum to a maximum gathering of 200 people.

A few days later, County health authorities gave the go-ahead for INDOOR in-person classes. We wanted to get this right, and not rush into reopening indoor classes, so we held off on indoor classes while we gauged what was happening with the pandemic and perfected our Covid protocols for protecting our students, staff, and families.

For now, indoor classes will have class size limitations, but after months of public health efforts to flatten the Covid curve, those efforts appear to have been successful, as new cases are declining in Santa Clara and public health officials have given the go-ahead to resume classes. This is great news because it means things are moving in the right direction.

And because things are moving in the right direction, you now have more safe options than ever for your martial arts classes! So whether you’re a current student, a returning student, or a new student, we are thrilled to welcome you to our new, expanded class schedules!

Here are the current rules for in-person classes:

Outdoor classes:

  • Class size Limitations:
    • The maximum number of people (students, parents, and staff) allowed to gather in one place is 200 people.

Indoor Classes:

  • Class size limitations:
    • 2 classrooms, 12 students per classroom.

All Classes:

  • Age Restrictions:
    • There are no longer any age restrictions for in-person classes!
  • Health Screening:
    • All students, staff, and parents are required to go through health screening before class. 
    • The required health screening includes questions about Covid-19 symptoms and exposure risk, a temperature check, and a provided hand sanitizer which will be applied.
  • Social Distancing:
    • Social distancing is required, and will be marked out and carefully monitored by our instructors and staff to make it easy for our students to understand.
    • There will be one-way traffic in and out of the class area. This means that all students entering and leaving the class area will travel in one direction only, directed by the teacher, to help maintain social distancing.
    • Students entering the class area will be spaced 6 feet apart by marks on the pavement, and will be carefully monitored by staff to enter one at a time, and directed where to stand in class.
    • Each student will be spaced at a 6 foot distance, marked on the mats, from all other students.
    • When class is over, each student will leave their training area one at a time under the guidance of instructors and staff, and are required to use provided hand sanitizer when leaving.
    • There will be a 10 minute break between each class to allow students to maintain social distancing when entering and leaving, and to allow staff to disinfect mats and Wave Masters before the next class.
    • Students may use the bathroom designated for students only.
    • Students may not use the changing rooms, so please arrive in your uniform ready for class.
    • These guidelines were developed by the County to ensure that social distancing would be maintained at all times. By following the County’s Covid guidelines, we have been designated a Covid-safe business.
  • Mask Requirements:
    • All instructors, staff, students, and parents will be required to wear a face mask at all times at the school, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Disinfecting:
    • Students are required to use provided hand sanitizer before entering the training area, and after leaving the training area. All mats and Wave Masters will be disinfected before and after each class.
  • Indoor Air Quality:
    • Doors and windows will remain open to provide cross ventilation.
    • The HVAC air filters will be serviced regularly.
  • Additional Safety Rules:
    • Do not come in-person or enter the school if you have Covid-19 symptoms.
    • Maintain at least a six-foot distance from other people and children at all times.
    • Face coverings are required at all times for 2 years old and up.
    • Cover sneezes and coughs with a cloth, tissue, or elbow.
    • Do not shake hands or give high tens.
    • There will be a 10 minute break between each class to facilitate sanitizing mats and equipment, and to help minimize cross traffic.
    • Hand sanitizer must be applied before and after each class.
    • Frequent hand washing and sanitizer is required for staff.
    • All students under 18 must be signed in by parents at the door.
    • In order to attend in person or Zoom classes, all students will be required to reserve and check in to class online or on our mobile app..
    • Equipment bags will not be allowed. Please bring gloves & sticks only.
    • Drinking fountains will be closed to students and spectators, so please bring your own water bottles.
    • Changing rooms will be closed; please arrive in your uniform.
    • Prompt pick-up and drop-off is required to ensure safety.
    • Limited designated seating and viewing areas will be available, but a six-foot distance must be maintained. Seating will be sanitized in between each class session.
    • Because the County has strict limits on the number of people allowed in the building at any one time, only students and staff will be allowed inside the building. This helps us make 12 spaces available for students in each classroom.

Class Options for Current and Returning Students

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